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"When you Hire PRO-CLEAN to do your carpet, tile wood floor, You'll Have The Same Experience These Clients Did"


"As far as I'm concerned, PRO-CLEAN FLOOR CARE is the best floor cleaning service I've used since moving to Acton 20 years ago, I've tried several professional cleaners but wasn't satisfied with the long term results. It seemed the spots in the carpet would reappear quickly, So I kept asking people who they used to do their cleaning. FINALLY, I found the company that was exactly what I've been looking for. PROCLEAN FLOOR CARE employs ethical, professional and friendly people who really care about doing the best job possible. That's why I continue to use PROCLEAN and refer them to others. They've earned my respect by doing their job to the best of their ability. Thanks so very much."
- Jane Gage
"Ozzy and his team always do a wonderful job, and they make it so convenient for us. We schedule our appointments so they fit into our very busy lifestyle without causing a big disturbance. PRO-CLEAN finished our wood floors while we're at work and by the time we get hamel the Wood Floors were dry and ready for regular use again. We love how you bend over backwards to help your clients. Thanks for everything."
- Bill & Patty Heckathorn
"Ozzy ... just wanted to say thanks for doing a fine job (as usual) on my carpets, tile and wood floors. I appreciate the reminders for timely cleaning, I want to keep my warrantees in effect. Your staff is always happy, helpful, on time and ready to work.
Thanks again and you can be sure I'll call again."
- Chuck Seaburg
"I've had Pro-Clean clean my carpets and tile for the last five years. They've always been dependable and on time. The technicians are knowledgeable and friendly and they always do a great job. I've been very pleased with their work and would recommend them to anyone".
- Dolores Huff
"When you have PRO·CLEAN taken care of your cleaning needs, you not only get an excellent job, you also get their monthly newsletter full of informative and interesting items."
- Joyce McVey
"Wow! It's been four years since I had new carpeting put in. I've cleaned it every year
to keep it looking and smelling nice. Thanks to Ozzy and his technicians, my carpet
looks as good as the day it was installed. Thank you Kevin."
- Jill Clark
"We've been clients of PRO-CLEAN FLOOR CARE for some years now and really appreciate the outstanding work they do. I also look forward to the monthly newsletter. We celebrated our 32nd anniversary this year but didn't do anything exciting. Winning this cruise is a great gift for us."
- Joe & Louise Taiariol
"Ozzy, in a world of gimmicks and high-pressure sales people we are very cautious to take anyone at their word. When Pro-Clean was scheduled to clean my daughter's carpet for FREE, I wanted to make sure that this would really happen. You came and cleaned the carpet and even did extra. I was so impressed that I had you come clean my carpet and my sisters too. We never had them cleaned so well. You did what you promised and there was no high pressure. Instead of just advertising, you think of your clients first. You are at the top of my list of honest and caring business people. Being a businesswoman myself, I value your respect and high regard for your clients."
- Karen Guy
"Ozzy and Pro-Clean have been cleaning my carpets, kitchen tile and taking care of my wood floors for several years now. Ozzy is always very flexible, allowing me to get the most carpet cleaned and still stay within my budget. Appointments are easy to make, questions are always answered, and I am always very pleased with the look of my home after the service. Thank you for your professional and prompt service every time."
- Nicci Renouard
"We are very pleased with Pro~Clean' courteous, friendly service. We really appreciate the fact that they are not pushy, and they are very dependable. They do an excellent job and guarantee their work. What more could you ask for. I recommend them very highly."
- Pam Fithian
"We've had Pro-Clean Refinished our Wood floors last year and the service has always been great, better than any other Company we've used. Thanks for everything."
- Rik & Connie tPickleseimer
"It seems odd to think of someone as being passionate about carpet cleaning, tile and wood floors but these guys really are. It's so unusual to find a company that stands behind their work and even guarantees it for me. "I've been taken advantage of before so I'm really glad to have come across these guys."
- Roxanne Herbert