Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning


Take My Grout Line Cleaning Challenge...
I'll give you a Free Sample so you can prove it to yourself.
It's simple, you can schedule it with your Wood Floor Finish or schedule it when our schedules allow. Only seven free demo per month and 
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and schedule now. *Only seven free demo per month and that's it. Ok Ozzy...


What's So Differant About Your Method? Good Question...

For the first time in history you no longer have to wait hours or days for the carpet to dry My Method dry in 1hr, or rent a machine and waste your time & money, and fight with smelly chemicals that don't work Why hurt your knees, dry out your skin, fighting with harsh smelly chemicals, when you can get sparkling cleaned carpet and upholstery cleaning without the hassle?

Or hire a company that won’t refund your money If you not happy with their work.

You'll get the latest carpet systems. My system will blast old soiled in your carpet. When you see the dirt disappear right before your eyes, You'll be amazed! You won't have to wait either; with just the first few lines I clean you'll see the difference. That's why I want you to see the results for yourself. Act Now! And here’s what I'll do...


Trust Your Own Right Judgment
And prove it to yourself. When you schedule now just say "I want the carpet demo" We'll schedule a date for you right on the phone, give you a few instructions on how to prep for our arrival and that's it. Best of all, you'll get to see your carpet come back to life and see what your neighbors have been raving about.


What Will You Get If I Decide To Try You Out...?
  • You'll Get the carpet cleaning you deserve.
  • You'll see a dramatic difference right before your eyes
  • You'll see the color the carpet use to be
  • You'll Be Amazed
That's why you must see it to believe it. That's why I don't want you to take my word for it...see for yourself.


What will happen if I do Nothing?
  • The carpet will remain soiled
  • The carpet will never sparkle like it use too.
  • It will continue to look dull And


Why Put With That?
When you can get my RISK FREE DEMO, all I ask is if you like what you see. Let me give you a quote, and tell your friends. Is that fair? Oh by the way, I would love to hear your thoughts on how we did so we can share them with others so your testimonial is much appreciated. But only after you see the demo can decide. It's that easy. Call now. Schedule your cleaning, then test drive it for yourself.

I promise you'll see the different even if you don't think your carpet is beyond help. You'll be glad you did. Let me apologize in advance. Here's why...


I can't fit everyone in. I can only do 7 demo's per month. That's It. Once they are all gone we will not give out anymore. The reason for this is, I'm fortunate to have great clients clean with me often, even during what usually is our slower period, since they keep us busy and I have a small staff or caring technicians, I have to limit how many free demo's I do each week. But...Here Are Two Ways To Assure You'll Get...


Your Free Demo
Schedule any Wood Floor or Upholstery cleaning and you'll Instantly qualify for your free demo. Or be one of the lucky 7 who called me before all the demo were grabbed up. It that easy. Just make sure you let us know "before" coming out, so we can block out enough time to make it look like new again. Now that you're thinking of taking me up on my free demo, you should call now. So you don't miss out. It's on a first come first serve basis.

When you call please give us an approximant size (square feet) of the carpet you'd like cleaned. I've put a few samples of before and after pictures to give you a good Idea what you're in for. For free friendly advice or If you have any questions or concerns Email me. Or call now and schedule 978-365-3348